Mark Sturkenboom is an artist that graduated with honors
in 2012 at Artez Academy for the Arts in Arnhem/Netherlands.
Sturkenboom is an artist and designer that expresses himself with
objects that are undeniably functional yet practically difficult.

This paradoxical thought process empties each object from a rational consideration.
It extends each idea out to a viewer.
He acts not as a passive observer, but his active stance demands
a response, a response that he is ready and willing to defend or discuss.
He is a provocateur in as much as he is a doting craftsman.
His work is bold, demanding a certain status of celebrity,
while receding into the poetic annals of the spectators brain.

The concept of memento is perhaps the fulcrum in which the work of Mark Sturkenboom revolves,
an axis from which concepts swing out and materialize into being.
Far from being morbid, carefully avoiding the nostalgic,
Sturkenboom creates a world of idiosyncratic relics.
Some of these objects are viscerally real (in the case of “21 Grams”)
and others based on a universal mythology (in the case of “Ark”).
Sturkenboom casts a broad gaze and captures a contemporary understanding of the desire
to hold on to a moment. He transforms the byproducts of a debaucherous evening into
gilded gestural sublimations (“C’est la Vie”), or amplifies the power of a housefly to
unmask a volatile world (“Watching time fly by”)

Throughout all of Sturkenboom’s rumination lies not simply a thin red thread,
but a thick crimson chord that ties his developing oeuvre:
The object as a concrete tangible substance that stabilizes an otherwise tenuous world.

‘My focus lies not on the appearance of things,
but on what I call the deeper layers in the relation between an object and its owner.
I try to call forward a myriad of associations and stimulate our thinking
about what counts to us in our lives.’

Once you decide to own one of his products, you will need to start making decisions.
Watching time fly by, 21 Grams or the Ark are not just functional or good looking.
In their presence and while handling them they invite you to think about time,
love passed and the possibility to free yourself from the burden of your possessions
by destroying or leaving them.

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