Mark Sturkenboom is an artist that graduated in 2012 at
Artez Academy for the Arts in Arnhem/Netherlands.

Since 2012 he works as a conceptual product designer/artist in his atelier in Utrecht
and as a freelancer for various studios in Arnhem and Amsterdam.
His work balances between art and design, he stretches the boundaries
between function and concept.

‘My focus lies not on the appearance of things,
but on what I call the deeper layers in the relation between an object and its owner.
I try to call forward a myriad of associations and stimulate our thinking
about what counts to us in our lives.
I examine products and set them free from their conventional use.’

Sturkenboom’s work is a series of reinterpretations
of products that often are intertwined with the themes love and time.
Once you decide to own one of his products, you will need to start making decisions.
His table clock, urn, mousetrap and vase are not just functional or good looking.
In their presence and while handling them they invite you to think about time,
love passed and the possibility to free yourself from the burden of your possessions
by destroying them.

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