Sweet Anticipation _2012
Sweet Anticipation started with the idea that our households
are over regulated domains. There is a strict order as
to who we allow to enter and stay and who we exclude
from this privilege. This includes humans as well as animals.
It is completely accepted when a mother buys a pet mouse
for her child in a pet shop. But when a wild mouse enters our
house uninvited, the event is strangely enough answered with
panic and violence. My mousetrap is designed to change the arrival
of the unwanted guest into an arrival of the long awaited.
Of course, it provides the mouse with a safe place to stay,
water and food at hand, but more important it changes our attitudes.
The owner of this trap will inevitably wake up one morning with the
strong wish that his or her mouse trap will no longer be empty.
Sweet anticipation is the result.

photo: Sanne Zurne/Yoram Tomasowa

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